How Do I Prepare For My Cardiac Cath?

Preparation for your Cardiac Cath is straightforward, however, there are some essential things to know.

Firstly, you will be given clear instructions when your procedure is booked.  If you have any questions, please contact Healthy Hearts Melbourne at or on (03) 9111 0155.



Fasting is not considered as important as it once was.

Certainly, patients should not fast from fluid intake, unless they are expected to be undergoing a general anaesthetic.  This is rarely the case for a Cardiac Cath.   It is important to be well hydrated to minimise the impact of the x-ray dye on the kidneys.

Fasting from food is not mandatory for most Cardiac Caths, but unless otherwise instructed it is worth fasting from food after midnight the night before.

Dr McGaw performs his procedures in the mornings to minimise disruption.




Most medications will be continued uninterrupted for the procedure.

The major exceptions are blood thinners and diabetic medications.  If you are one these medications you will receive specific information regarding which medications need to be interrupted and for how long before the procedure.  Please check with the booking staff if you have any questions.

Dr McGaw performs his procedures in the mornings to minimise disruption.

Other Preparation

Dr McGaw performs most of his Cardiac Cath procedures through the right wrist.  For this reason, it is advisable to remove any jewellery from the right wrist and hand before admission to the hospital for your procedure.   We would prefer that you left valuables safely at home.

During your admission, you will have the oxygen level in your blood measured by a light probe that covers a fingertip.  It is hampered by nail polish and so it is advised that nail polish is removed prior to admission for your Cardiac Cath.  If that is not possible we have other alternatives.

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