What Happens When I Have a CT Coronary Angiogram (CTCA)?

A CTCA is usually performed as an outpatient.

You will be given an appointment time at a Radiology Centre which may be at a hospital or at a community Radiology Service.

There will be specific instructions about fasting and what medications you can take and which ones you should withhold before the test.  You may receive a medication to take prior to your arrival to help slow your heart rate to enable a better image.  If your heart rate is not slow enough the staff will delay your procedure to give you more medication.   Unfortunately, they may have to cancel your procedure on that day if your heart rate is not slow enough.

Before the test you will have a drip put in your arm, to administer the x-ray dye.  Finally, the staff will give you a medication under the tongue which might give you a headache.  When the test is performed you will be asked to hold your breath to keep your heart as still as possible.  The dye will give you a hot flush sensation that you will be warned about on the day, so that you do not worry.

After the test you will be free to leave under supervision.  It is advised that you do not drive yourself as you will have received medication for the test.

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