Outpatient Consultation Fees

Outpatient Consultation Fees are required in full on the day of your appointment.  There is no difference in fee structure between Face-to-Face, TeleHealth Video and TeleHealth Telephone consultations.

The TeleHealth services have been extended beyond the initial implementation during the early COVID pandemic.

In comparison to the TeleHealth Video Medicare Rebate, the TeleHealth Telephone Medicare Rebate has since been reduced.

Should Medicare support for TeleHealth be withdrawn in the future, it is anticipated that Healthy Hearts Melbourne will continue to provide a Private TeleHealth Video and Telephone Consultation service despite being ineligible for a Medicare Rebate.

Where eligible, a Medicare Rebate will be automatically deposited into your Medicare-registered bank account, usually within 24 hours. A current referral from a GP or Specialist is required for all appointments that are Medicare Rebate eligible.  A current referral is recommended, but not required, for consultations that are not Medicare Rebate eligible.

Please confirm your expected fee when making your appointment.

Face-to-Face Consultation

Location and instructions sent with Appointment Confirmation

Medicare Rebate applies

Face-to-Face appointments may be restricted at short-notice by Government / Hospital COVID guidelines

Video Consultation

Zoom instructions sent with Appointment Confirmation

Medicare Rebate applies

Telephone Consultation

Mobile or Landline
However, Video Consultation is much preferred

Medicare Rebate limited

Government restricted as of 1 July 2022

Don't Forget to Review the Handy Patient Check List

In-Hospital Procedure Fees

If you proceed to an in-hospital procedure and you hold appropriate private health insurance, we will claim directly from your health fund to best ensure that treatment is accessible to and affordable for you. However, you may be required to pay a co-contribution to us (also known as a Gap payment).

Please confirm any Gap payment when making your Procedure Booking.

Gap payments are due two weeks prior to your procedure so that we can confirm your place on our procedure list.

We will provide you with an itemised written estimate of fees prior to your procedure.

We strongly recommend that you check your Health Insurance Policy with your Health Insurer regarding the level of your cover and possible cardiac exclusions before your procedure.

If you are not covered, you will be contacted prior to admission to discuss the full cost of the procedure that you would incur should you proceed.

Other Doctors' Fees

Please note that some procedures require a team approach including an anaesthetist or a specialist Echocardiologist.  They may charge you fees separately.  Please note that we do not have any control over these fees, although we might be able to given an indication about fees if requested.

Other Fees

Please note that there will be an agreement between your Health Insurer and the hospital regarding other fees such as a possible health insurance excess (usually paid once per calendar year), pathology or radiology fees.  Please note that we are not advised of these arrangements and you will need to direct enquiries to your Insurer.

Public Hospital Care

All patients holding a Medicare card have the right to request care through the public hospital system, where no fees are payable. This is one advantage; however, there may be substantial delays and David McGaw will not be directly involved in your inpatient care. If you feel this is an option for you, please speak to your cardiologist in consultation about this.